February Wrap up and march TBR




i hope you guys had a good February and you enjoyed reading some good books

i had a good reading month i read a total of 9 books which is pretty decent for me i read some trilogies and some of them were reread!!

but i enjoyed all the books i read this month

so here are the books

  • what i read 
  • info about the book 
  • my ratings 
  • thoughts (non-spoilers)




name: nevernight

author: jay Kristof 

genre : adult fantasy 

pages : 427

publisher : Thomas dune books 

publish date : august 9th 2016


so this book is about mia who her family were excuted and she seeks revenge so she joins an assassins school.


i have a full review about this book here NEVERNIGHT ….review i go on my thoughts in depth.

i enjoyed it i think the world building is unique and magical and interesting i think it’s a good first book in the series.

everything was well written the since of humor the ending were good.





name : The winner’s trilogy ( 1st: the winner’s curse, 2nd: the winner’s crime, 3rd: the winner’s kiss )

author : Marie rutkoski 

gener :  YA fantasy 

pages : 1st: 355, 2nd: 402, 3rd: 484

publisher : farrar straus Giroux

publish date : 1st:  march 4th 2014,  2nd:  march 3rd 2015, 3rd: march 29th 2016

1st: 3\5                      2nd: 3\5                       3rd: 4\5


the story starts with kestrel who has either join an army or get married at certain age then she buys a slave from an auction and things happen between them then a lot of political and romantic and social things starts to happen


this series just this series you guys broke my heart and let me anticipating for more and ohh all the feels this series is one of my FAVORITE i loved the romance in this series the main characters , they were so unique and interesting and real

and ohh kestrel and arin are one of my favorite couples of all time.

the politics in this series and military strategies are just mind blowing, the characters were real you can understand them and feel sorry for them.

i definitely recommend you guys picking up this series it is so amazing.






name : the remnant chronicles (1st: the kiss of deception, 2nd: the heart of betrayal, 3rd: the beauty of darkness )

author : Mary E.Pearson

gener : YA fantasy 

pages : 1st: 486, 2nd: 470, 3rd: 679 

Publisher : Henry holt and company 

publish date : 1st: july 8th 2014, 2nd: july 7th 2015, 3rd: august 2nd 2016 


1st: 3\4                              2nd: 4\5                            3rd: 4\5


it’s about lia a princess who runs on her wedding day because she doesn’t want to marry someone she doesn’t know but then a tow strangers go after her one is an assassin and the other is the prince who she’s supposed to marry but she doesn’t know them and their true identity then things happen political and romantic.



another series i finished this month and like the other one i really enjoyed this one so much the first book was a little boring but the second book was so much better the world expands in the second book and you meet different characters and the story starts to take it’s shape from there.

even the main protagonist i liked her better in the 2nd and 3rd book. the 3rd book was full of heart ache there was one thing i didn’t like very much at the ending but over all it was a really good trilogy.





name : a court of thorns and roses ( 1st: a court of thorns and roses, 2nd: a court of mist and fury ) 

author : sara j.mass

gener : NA  fantasy 

pages : 1st: 416, 2nd: 624 

publisher : bloomsbury 

publishing date : 1st : may 5th 2015, 2nd: may 3rd 2016 


1st: 3.5\5                   2nd: 5\5 and a favorite


the first book is a retelling of beauty and the beast it starts with feyre and her family after they lost their fortune, feyre is a huntress she hunts to survive but everything changes when she kills a fae.


this is a reread for me, i didn’t like the first book as much as i did the first time i can see a lot of problems in it BUT acomaf omg you guys i enjoyed it much more than the first time i read it i was aware of a lot of things and i still can not get it out of mind i can not wait for A COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN  the feels you guys just the feels.

the first book we follow feyre in the spring court and her journey with tamlin but in the sequel we get to see other courts and characters.

the second book things go down,  if you read the first book and you didn’t like it it’s fine the sequel is so much better than the first it’s like sara wanted us to feel this way about the books.

the characters in the sequel are brilliant I’m just trash for them the world is brilliant and so many ships and badass female protagonist .

i just want to say that i’m in love with acomaf and i still can not get it out of my mind.                book hangovers……ughh




now my TBR …..

I’m a moody reader but i will tell you what i think i will read this month :

  • a feast of crows by George R.R.martin
  • the raven cycle by Maggie stefvater
  • everything everything by nicola yoon
  • city of bones by casandra clare




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