March wrap up and april TBR


this month i read a total of 6 books which is okay i mean it is not what i would liked to finish this month and not what i would feel guilty about

they were anticipated reads for me i was disappointed with some books and some i was blown away with and surprised how much i liked

my march wrap up :

  • what i read
  • info about the book
  • my rating
  • non-spoiler thoughts 
  • tbr


name : the raven boys

author : maggie stiefvater 

genre : YA urban fantasy 

pages : 416 pages 

publisher : scholastic press 

publishing date : 18th september 2012

4\5 stars

it’s about rich boys in this private school who  are searching for a sleeping king to wake him up so he can grant their wishes with the help of blue a girl from a psychic family

 finally i started the raven cycle this month i heard a lot of good things about this series

i read the first book in the series the raven boys and i liked it i was not expecting to like it actually but it surprised me it was hard at first to fully enjoyed but everything went fine after and i did not want to read the second book so fast because i did not want to finish the series in one month .


name : everything everything 

author : nicola yoon 

genre : YA contemporary 

pages : 310 pages 

publisher : delacorte books for young readers 

publishing date : 1st september 2015

5\5 stars

it’s about a girl who is allergic to everything (hence the title) she can not go to the outside world with out being sick but everything (title again) changes when a boy and his family come to the neighbourhood

i loved it !! i mean it is YA contemporary and i gave 5\5 stars !!! this is the definition of a good book when you give a 5 stars to a book from genre you are not a bog fan of it says a lot


name : city of bones 

author : cassandra clare 

genre : YA urban fantasy 

pages : 485 pages 

publisher : margaret k.mcelderry books 

publishing date : 27th march 2007 


so basically this book is the first of the mortal instruments series and it’s about a shadow hunters who kill demons in new york ( the award for the shortest synopsis for me yaay!)

i don’t think i even need to introduce you of this series

finally i jumped into the wagon yaay i got into the shadow hunters world and i’m excited i have a good feeling about this , this book whoever i surprisingly enjoyed i did not hear good things about the first book and i watched the movie first long ago it was horrible so i was hesitant about the series but now i can’t wait to continue on with the series .


name : 1st daughter of smoke and bone 2nd: days of blood and star light 3rd: dreams of gods and monsters 

author : laini taylor 

genre : YA urban fantasy 

pages : 1st: 422 pages 2nd: 517 pages 3rd: 613 pages 

publisher : little brown books for young readers 

publishing date : 1st : 27th september 2nd: 6th november 3rd: 8th april 2014 

1st : 4.5\5       2nd : 2.5\5          3rd: 3\5

this series is about a girl named karou who lives in prague and collects teeth for a monster then she gets mixed up into “demon vs angels” war

i was so excited to start this trilogy i heard nothing but good things about it and the first book was great but then everything went down and i was disappointed i loved the world building and the whole demon vs angel thing i didn’t like the romance very much or at least after the first book but laini published new book recently ” strange the dreamer ” and i want to give it a try hopefully i won’t be disappointed .

what i would like to read in april :

  • a darker shade of magic
  • dream thieves
  • city of ashes
  • illuminae
  • falling kingdoms

that’s it tell me what you guys read this month and your thoughts about your reads

till next time…….xoxo


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