T5W : Books that would make good video games



what’s up

for this week’s T5W topic is which books that would make good video games i myself not a gamer but when i first thought of the books that would make good video games fantasy is what came first to my mind

so here is my list:


1- the six of crows doulogy

i mean this doulogy has a fair amount of action and twists beside there is kaz with his Sixofcrowscriminal mind and the other crew with their fighting skills it would make a good video game .






2- the throne of glass series

there is magic, murder, witches, assassins, ancient bastards, fae, shape shifting and a lot iTOG-NYT-Cover mean this series can easily be turned into a video game.






3- the mortal instruments series

although i’ve only read the first book in the series (which i’m planning on continuing ) 256683but i feel like this series can be turned into a video game (why i keep on repeating that all these books in this post can be turned into video games duhh).

4- the lunar chronicles

aside from fantasy i think dystopian and sci-fi books can be a fun video games this series Cinder_(Official_Book_Cover)_by_Marissa_Meyeris kinda a little bit of both dystopian sci-fi and fantasy i think with all the new characters and the new places each book has this series can be on this list .





5- the song of ice and fire series

i mean when playing you don’t always win right sometimes you lose or in another words9780007448036 DIE so what better series that has ever been written that causes an emotional distress with it’s unexpected deaths than this series, i don’t know the standards for creating video games but unexpected deaths can maybe one of them right ?!!


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