What I need to happen in A court of wings and ruin



so with the publishing date of A COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN getting closer and closer i can’t seem to stop thinking about this trilogy who am i kidding i haven’t stopped thinking about it the moment i started reading it

i want to share with you what i emotionally and mentally need to see happen in the last book honestly if i started talking about sara j.mass and her books and what they did to i won’t stop

but i’ll try and do a list


here it is:

1- some ass kicking please!!

i want to see feyre kick the shit out of ianthe and tamlin and those mortal queens not only feyre but NESTA too please, they need to know who’s the new boss in town now !!

2-ships sailing happily ever after

nesta cassian azriel mor elain and all of them i mean one thing sara does best is pairing ships and i need to know that these ships won’t sink please, poor azriel and cassian need someone truthful

3-ohh wing please don’t be ruined!!

i know the title is a bit unsettling wings and ruin WHAT !! do you mean cassian’s wings are ruined … cassian is my second favourite after Rhys of course and he is so brave and caring he scarified his wings to safe azriel!! and i cry every time i remember it but honestly he been through hell can you please have his wings perfectly safe ?!!

4-tamlin’s redemption 

okay tamlin’s hate club let’s go through toilet paper at his mansion the let’s call rhys to kick his ass and feyre to take his money THEN let’s call for his redemption … what ever way possible tam sacrifice yourself or whatever you need just get you shit together

i know some won’t agree with me but war is coming and the spring court needs sensible leader and i believe tam can be that if he gets his shit together

5-courts and courts and please more courts 

the first book we discovered the spring court and the second we got to see the night court and the summer court but their are more courts and i hoped we see more powerful friendly magical courts in the last books

6-amren’s true self 

i feel like at some point amen might reveal who she really is and chase tam and the king with fangs and claws … a lot of people say she might be dragon but i think it’s too obvious for sara j.mass besides she has some awesome creatures at her books

7-Rhysand always more RHYS 

one of the things i’m mostly excited about is that we get to read from RHY’s POV ugh i just want more of him


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