This or That Book tag ….


hello everyone

so i was tagged by moms book collection to do this tag


  • mention the creator of the tag tea and paperbacks
  • thank the blogger who raged you
  • choose one of the options 
  • tag 10 other people to do the tag and spread the love 


1- reading on the couch or on the bed 

the bed of course i do everything on the bed .. i’m currently doing this tag on the bed …..

i feel like reading on the bed makes me get into the story better * does that makes sense *

2- male main character or female main character 

hmmm since the rules permit me to choose them both i will female just because she can grow more and be more badass and i can relate to that much more

3- sweet snacks or salty snacks 

salty snacks

4- trilogies or quartets

hmm trilogies well just because i read more trilogies than quartets and i enjoyed them

5- the first person point of view or third person 

third person i feel like when i read from the first person point of view you don’t get much of the world or other characters and mostly it’s just about that person

6- reading at night or in the morning 

at night because i can dream about the story even though i can not stop myself from reading in the morning but i definitely prefer night reading

7- libraries or bookstores 

book stores of course because i can buy the book and have it for my own i hate the idea that i have to return a book

8- books that make you laugh or make you cry 

laugh , i like some sadness to book and action and romance but i don’t wish to have my heart broken after i finish a book

9- black book covers or white 

white i can not get over the darker shade of magic covers ..they’re soooo pretty

10- character driven story or plot driven story 

sorry i can’t choose between the two i just can’t (i broke the rules *da da ddaa*)

the story needs to have both

and that was it it was really fun

and i tag :

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a court of books and love

purple pancake blog

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red head book lover blog


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