April wrap up and May TBR



so this month wasn’t that great i was stressed at college and i had a little bit of a reading slump but i read some of my highly anticipated TBR

i was surprised by some books i read wither it didn’t live up to my expectations or it was as i hoped it would be and more

  • what i read 
  • info about the book
  • my rating 
  • non spoilers thoughts 
  • tbr

what i read :


name: dream thieves * the raven cycle*

author : maggie stiefvater 

genre: YA urban fantasy 

pages : 439 pages

publisher: scholastic press 

publishing date: 17th september 2013 

3\5 stars

the second book focuses more of Ronan, i felt like this book was so slow like it was just about knowing ronan more which was fine but the story itself didn’t have much of an action , there were some changes that were supposed to happen for the story to go on which were necessary this is why i enjoyed this book but not much.


name: a darker shade of magic * a darker shade of magic series-book 1*

author: V.E Schwab 

genre: adult fantasy 

pages: 400 pages 

publisher: Tor books 

publishing date: 24th February

3\5 stars

i heard a lot of great things about this series and it will be adapted into a movie *clap* so it’s about kell who can travel between these parallel world there is white London black London red London and grey London and kell delivers messages between royals and also a smuggler and the story starts when he smuggles something he shouldn’t have smuggled

the world building is amazing the story itself is unique the characters are wonderful but the first part of this book was slow paced yes it was important so we can understand the world but i was bored and i didn’t enjoy it

but then it picked up and everything was good


name: a gathering of shadows *a darker shade of magic series-book2-*

author: V.E Schwab 

genre: adult fantasy 

pages: 512 pages

publisher: Tor books 

publishing date: 23th february 

4\5 stars

this series gets better and better, this book was better than the first i felt so much connection to the characters and oh kell he is such a baby, and we get to meet new interesting characters it was fun to read and stressful at times

this book was so full of badassness way to go lila bard way to go


name: iluuminae * the illuminae files*

author: amie kaufman and jay kristof 

genre: YA sci-fi 

pages: 599 pages

publisher: knopf books 

publishing date: 20th october 2015

5\5 stars

i won’t say much because i talked about it so much in my review Illuminae…..review

IT WAS AWESOME *drops the mic and exits*


name: city of ashes *the mortal instruments *

author: cassandra clare

genre: YA urban fantasy 

pages: 453 pages

publisher: margaret k.mcelderry books 

publishing date: 25th march 2008 

2\5 stars

i love jade and izzy and alec and my baby simon but this book is just ugh okay so there were some heartbreaking moments but the rest was just frustrating clary needs to get herself together every time something happens she just screams and cry and wait for help i mean there are somethings i like about her but i need to see some character development and more things just to happen, it’s just the second book in a 6 books long series so i will continue reading and i hope it gets better .



and that was it i was hoping to finish more books but ah well

here are the books i wish to read in may :

  • a court of wings and ruin *you knew this was in the list*
  • the star touched queen
  • a feast of crows
  • king’s cage
  • a conjuring of light




xoxo …..




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