T5W : favourite SFF cover art



how was your day?

mine wasn’t that great i messed up in my exam today Oops ….. i know i ought to get high grades so i can get in the major that i want well I DID study i just did’t do well blah blah i won’t bore you with my college talk …..

i just placed my order for ACOWAR  and other books *grinning* so i’m happy now although i won’t read it until i finish my exams *yea i know how will i manage*

i almost forgot about T5W, it’s about favourite sci-fi and fantasy book cover

here it is :

1– falling kingdom by morgen rhodes 


2- a darker shade of magic by v.e schwab 



3- illuminae by amie kaufman and jay kristof 



4- never night by jay kristof 



5- six of crows doulogy by leigh bardugo 





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