A dictionary to fandoms


hii guys

so i’ve been away for thaw couple of days from blogging mainly because of “studying”

but well i wanted to post again and interact with you so i thought how about a dictionary for fandoms ha

fandoms means fan base and i’d be surprised if you don’t know what that means i wanted to share some of fandoms name and what they mean

p.s i’m an expert in this i don’t know all fandoms

but here are what i got for now:

1- harry potter = potterhead 

the ultimate fandom if didn’t know what to call yourself beside your sorting house here you go


2- an ember in the ashes = emberling 

on of my all time favourites


3- the mortal instruments = shadow hunters 

or any of the other shadow hunter’s world series actually


4- the hunger games = tributes 

may the odds be forever in your favour


tell me what fandom are you from ? i myself lost track



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