A court of wings and ruin ….review



it’s been a long time since i posted something quick life update: exams and sickness

this month a court of wing and ruin was finally published

this series is really close to my heart and i’m both sad and excited because it ended partly  because i want to get into new worlds and stop thinking about this one (yea right) and because i want to see all my favourite characters happy.

i was disappointed by some things but overall i really enjoyed it.

  • info about the book
  • synopsis 
  • my rating
  • non spoilers review 
  • spoilers review 
  • my favourite quotes 

name: a court of wings and ruin ( a court of thorns and roses series )


author: sara j.mass

genre: NA fantasy 

pages: 699 pages 

publisher: bloomsbury

publishing date: 2nd of may 2017

4\5 stars 

synopsis :

feyre has returned to the spring court, determent to gather information on tamlin’s maneuvrings and the invading king threatening to bring prythian to it’s knees.
but to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit
and one slip may spell doom not only for feyre but fo her world as well.
as war bears down upon them all, feyre must decide who to trust among the dazzling and lethal high lords and hunt for allies in unexpected places.

non-spoilers review :


there were some world expanding in this book although not as satisfying but good enough and mostly we finally get to see and know all the high lords in prythian (my favorite after Rhysand is helion the high lord of the day court BTW), and a lot of new set of characters which i think were very important to the ending .

i loved the ending it was perfect but there were a lot of loose ends which i think sara may write about in her novellas of the series (hopefully) because these characters are dear to my heart and i would really hate after all this waiting to just end their story this way.

there were times though when i felt she was stuffing everything together like there was no time to write and somethings happened where i felt like they were just thrown there i was not entirely confessed about what is happing.

i’m not a fan of reading from one person POV i liked to get to know the other characters beyond the first person’s POV so there were times when feyre’s presence wasn’t really necessary or didn’t make much sense but sara just wanted her to be there so she can write about was is happening to the other characters .

this book was great but it wasn’t even near as perfect as a court of mist and fury.



spoilers review:

i don’t know where to begin …..let’s start by talking about the creature under the library and cassian freaking out about it i still smile every time i remember it, and the bone craver and the weaver they all added magical aspect to the story knowing who they were and what happened to them .

i was so glad to see everything was righted with the summer court, drakon and miryam’s return was a fresh thing i know sara loves dramatic entrance but feyre’s i was not expecting that EVER .

now a moment of silence for the suriel *the saddest thing that ever happened in this series -crying endlessly-*

lucien is helion’s son oh my god still one of the great things that happened in this series even though non of them know and the fact that lucien might be his heir HIS HEIR sara better write something about and poor lucien he is struggling between his mate and his friend, Elian being a seer and a badass and killing the king is a whole another level of awesomeness

what happened with Tamlin is not the prefect redemption i was hoping for but it was good given everything that feyer has done and his won demon and unsettling rage it was good BUT what happen to ianthe was what she deserved i hope the weaver took her while killing her.

mor what she revealed about her sexual preference wasn’t quite believable for me i think it was just thrown out there for the talk about sara j.mass’s books diversity

azriel and elain having that bond is so adorable in this book there were a lot of different aspects about azriel’s personality .
nesta nesta nesta, she STOLE something from the cauldron i was so excited about her in this book and i wasn’t disappointed she has her won demons to struggle with but with each thing that is happing she shows how caring and strong she really is and i just love, her kiss with cassian before she removed the king’s head was everything i don’t know what to say about cassian other than he is a babe.

amren when she lied to feyre i knew she had her reasons but still i was shook when she turned i thought that was is no more amren but the she was BACK and she and varian are so cute i can’t get over them
when RHYS died i knew he was coming back but it hurt nonetheless his relationship with feyre is perfect every time there are with each other (which is most of the time) i get a fuzzy feeling.


Quotes :

“you did not fit the mold that they shoved you into. the path you were born upon and forced to walk and tried, and yet did not, could not fit. and then the path changed.”

“but this is war we don’t have the luxury of good ideas only picking between the bad ones”

“what we think to be our greatest weakness can sometimes be our biggest strength. and that the most unlikely person can alter the course of history”

“if he was the sweet terrifying darkness, i was the glittering light that only his shadows could make clear”

“remember that you are a wolf. and you can not b caged”

“it is a rare person to face who they truly are and not run from it not be broken by it”

till next time …..xoxo


8 thoughts on “A court of wings and ruin ….review

  1. This is essentially how i felt about this book. It wasn’t bad but it was disappointing. It just seemed rushed, and I agree with you about Feyre’s presence and the loose ends as well. I’d probably rate it even lower because of that, to be completely honest! But I tend to be a little harsh 😉


    1. after acomaf i had really high hopes i’m sure you felt that too that’s why we’re disappointed, i love these characters so much and the loose ends really did piss me off!! even though i’m trash of her books but that exactly what happened in empire of storms somethings went wrong in that book after Queen of shadows did you read the series? what do you think about EOS which book is your favourite ?


      1. Yeah, ACOMAF definitely raised my hopes too high. It was almost entirely a backdoor pilot for the next bit of the series. As for EoS, I actually really loved it! HoF is my absolute favourite, but I like EoS better than QoS, I think.


        1. oh! i’m glad you loved it !! are you excited for tower of dawn though ? even though i’de prefer the last book in TOG i still am looking forward for chaol’s novel


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