May wrap up and June TBR


( the small chair and books are done by my sister ig: )


finally may is about to end i don’t have anything against this month well except exams i don’t know if you know this or not but i’m muslim which means this time a year is Ramadan when we fast for 30 days this month is very peaceful to us and very important .

i did not read a lot in may which i hope to recover in june

  • what i read 
  • info about the book 
  • my rating 
  • non-spoilers thoughts 
  • TBR 


name: a feast of crows ( book 4 in a song of ice and fire series )                                 genre: adult fantasy                                                                                                                  author: George RR martin                                                                                                         pages: 1061 pages                                                                                                                   publisher: bantam books                                                                                                     publishing date: 2011

4\5 stars 

this book it took long time to finish but i’m glad i’m continuing with the books even though i watched the TV show first ( oops) . this book mainly focused on king’s landing it was refreshing and crucial to read in their POV .



name: the night circus                                                                                                                   genre: adult fantasy                                                                                                                      author: Erin morgenstern                                                                                                               pages: 511 pages                                                                                                                              publisher: doubleday                                                                                                              publishing date: 13th september 2011

5\5 stars

i just wrote a review The night circus ….review i’m so glad i read this book, it was enchanting and mysterious and the writing was phenomenal the characters are great and the plot it self is page turner you need this in your life.



name: a court of wings and ruin ( the final book in a court of thorns and roses series )                                                                                                                                          author: sara j.mass                                                                                                                           genre: NA fantasy                                                                                                                            pages: 699 pages                                                                                                                           publisher: bloomsbury                                                                                                           publishing date: 2nd of may 2017

4\5 stars


there is also a review for this book A court of wings and ruin ….review i enjoyed the long waiting finale for this series read the review i go in depth more about what i did not like about this book but overall it was a good book



June TBR :

  • city of glass
  • a conjuring of light
  • fangirl
  • the star touched queen

i really do wish that i will be able to read these book


what did you read this month ? did you enjoy your reads? also tell me if you read any of the books listed above and what are your thoughts ?

till next time……..xoxo


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