Book boyfriends.. husbands if you well


hello my dears                                                                                                                                              i have been bing watching sherlock the TV show and i’m in LOVE you guys i can’t believe that i’m just watching it NOW !!                                                                                                            Benedict cumberbatch  and Martin freeman are my two favourite people i love benedct’s voice and charisma and freeman i loved him for the hobbit

okay i’ll stop now … ah yes book boyfriends if you have read some of my posts some of those in the list won’t come as surprise :

1- Rhysand….. A court of thorns and roses 

i mean seriously why would you expect anyone else!!

wings, high lord, tattoos, sarcasm, violet eyes, knows you can’t mess with the ladies

yea he’s on my list

2- Khalid….The wrath and the Dawn

his relationship with shazi is one of my favourite romances ever

he just knows how to make a lady fall for him even though everything he does is to make anybody decedent from him !!

3- Dorian Havilliard….throne of glass 

you will be seeing quite few of sara j.mass’s books despite my notes on some of her books i’m still trash for her series

he is the perfect husband he loves reading animals, he can be sexy and adorable and he can be a wonderful friend.

ahh i don’t have the words to describe him.

4- Kell….. A darker shade of magic 

one of the things that i love about this series is the cast of characters

how flawed they are, kell has a caring side that he doesn’t show that much but rather the strong responsible know it all magicians but once you get to know him truly your heart will melt immediately.

5- Arin……. The winner’s curse

i feel like he is not getting that much attention WHY !!!!

i don’t even know how to begin to describe except that i want him on this list!!

6- Cassian……. A court of thorns and roses 

long hair, warrior, sarcastic, wings, caring, fun at gatherings


all the characters on this series are babes but Cassian he is my husband!!

7- Elias….. An ember in the ashes 

when i first started reading the book i gathered he was a player but as i continue reading the books i can’t help but to think the best of him

he has one of the kindest hearts in YA fantasy

the way he grew up and what he was trained to do and be !! still he got his kind heart to make us fall for him plus the way saba describe his eyes…

8- Lorcan Salvaterre…..Throne of glass

i fell in love with him the moment Rowan started talking about him

long hair, warrior *you see a pattern here*,

he is probably the worst of the list !!still he is MY WORST OF THE LIST *huh!?*

i am trash for the bad guy being good because he cares about someone

through worst and best i will take you Lorcan Salvaterre

Honorable mentions :


Matthias… six of crows 

Holland… a darker shade of magic 

honestly the list can go on and on )


till the next time….xoxo


6 thoughts on “Book boyfriends.. husbands if you well

    1. ha i’m glad you’re agreeing on those lol, I too can’t wait to be reunited with elias again i’m thinking of rereading the books as for kell i haven’t read the last book in ADSOM series i’m so scared of what well happen, the rose and the dagger wasn’t as good for me as TWATD but still there’s khalid so LOL ..i hope you enjoy it though<<3

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