T5W: Books for your hogwarts house


hii guys                                                                                                                                                          i feel like it’s been ages since i last posted anyway this weeks T5W is about

picking up books that represent our hogwarts house

now my house is :::


now the books :

an ember in the ashes 


laia and elias show enough bravery and chivalry in this series


the winner’s curse 


i think Arin is more Gryffindor to me than Kestrel


the vampire academy 


if rose is not the definition of Gryffindor i don’t know what is


scarlet …the lunar chronicles 


scarlet is my favourite female character of this series even though she doesn’t have any super powers she is the strongest


throne of glass


this series has a lot of characters but i’ll choose chaol for this one, his bravery and sacrifices are underrated but i hope we see more of his good side in his novel the next book in the series



And that was it for my T5W for this week tell me what you guys think ..

till the next time…xoxo


2 thoughts on “T5W: Books for your hogwarts house

  1. i also had ember on my list! and yes !! Rose is the perfect Gryffindor ! i didn’t even think of her when doing my list but she actually reminds me of the trio with her need to solve everything & do what’s right no matter the danger !

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