T5W: favourite “unlikable” protagonist


hiii guys                                                                                                                                                  it’s been ages since i last posted and i wasn’t that active at all in the book community or any other community!! i am in posting slump but i even missed last week’s T5W

BUT i’m here to repair ..

this week topic is about protagonist that many don’t seem to like BUT you LIKE

i don’t have many but here is it:

1- mare barrow …Red Queen 

a lot of people seem to hate her specially after glass sword but i didn’t find her that Red_Queen_book_coverunlikable in glass sword at all








2- jaime lannister ….. a song of ice and fire 

he and his sister are probably some of the most hated character in asoiaf ( maybe cersie 9780007448036more than jaime ) i admit i hated him at first but now i really do like him







3- maven… Red Queen 

i’m not sure if many hate him but i ran out of unlikable people that i like BUT i like Red_Queen_book_covermaven more than his brother and in the series maven is not that likeable soo..







4- maeve… Throne of glass

okay so she is the bad guy and sometimes she does some shitty things i want to slap her TOG-NYT-Coverbut i really do admire her








5- paige mahanoy…. The Bone Season 

okay i really am not sure if people hate her but i don’t see a lot of people praise her and iimagesgg read the first 2 books in the series this month and i absolutely fell in love with it i can;t wait to share my thoughts in my wrap up i read some pretty good books this month






and that’s it if can’t tell already but i struggled with this week T5W 





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