Mid-year freak out book tag


hii book lovers

i know it’s past mid year but i wanted to do this tag forever it just seems a lot of fun, it’s fun way to talk about what i read and sharing it with you in a not so dull way

here we go :

1- Best book you’ve read so far in 2017

the night circus ( full review The night circus ….review)   images                                                          it was so magical i didn’t expect it to be like that there are also some series i started this year and they immediately became some of my favourites : falling kingdoms and the bone season.





2- Best sequel you’ve read in 2017 

crooked kingdom no doubt this doulogy is of of the greatest series in YA i can’t praise it 18200484enough ( Six of crows doulogy review )







3- New release you haven’t read yet but want to

a flame in the best i loved renee’s The wrath and the dawn doulogy and i appreciate her 23308087culture diversity and strong female heroine and of course her gorgeous writing this book was one of my anticipated releases.







4- Most anticipated release of the second half of 2017


like i said i’m in LOVE with falling kingdoms and i can’t wait to binge read it although i don’t want the series to end i don’t want to wait either .

as for the tower of dawn i wish to see what sara j.mass had been up with in this book

5- Biggest disappointment in 2017 

okay so there are some series that didn’t impress me as i thought they would but they weren’t imagesgthat bad either but i’d say the star touched queen is my biggest disappointment







6- Biggest surprise in 2017 

the bone season i hadn’t expect to love that much also falling kingdoms i heard good things about falling kingdoms but i was really surprised i liked it that much

7- Favourite new author ( debut or new to you )

erin morgenstern i mean by now you would now how much i love the night circus

8- Newest fictional crush 

Matthias from six of crows

magnus from falling kingdoms

kell and holland from a darker shade of magic

9- Newest favourite characters 

the mentioned above plus paige and the warden ( the bone season ), celia ( the night circus ), rhy ( a darker shade of magic ), i just can’t pick one okay

10- Book that made you cry 

there wasn’t any book that made me cry but  24763621                                                                                      winter song made me sad really really sad







11- Book that made you happy 

agh this book was so adorable i finished it in one setting18692431







12- Favourite book to movie adaptation in 2017 

i didn’t watch any…..

13- Favourite review you’ve written this year 

The night circus ….review

A court of wings and ruin ….review

14- Most beautiful cover you’ve bought or received this year 


15- Books you near to read by the end of this year 



and that’s it i had fun doing this tag …..



6 thoughts on “Mid-year freak out book tag

  1. I’m guessing this is the Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag, but you haven’t put a title on your post, I just know the questions so I guessed what this was. Just thought I would let you know as I’m guessing it’s was a mistake. 😊


  2. The Night Circus!!!! YES YES YES A BILLION TRILLION TIMES OVER! I literally stayed up until 4 am reading this tale – soo intriguing. I loved how the two narratives unfolded completely distinct from one another but as the novel progressed the fates of our protagonists suddenly seemed to rely on one another, with only the strongest surviving in the end (which, of course, is not what happens, but is the plan!).
    Have you started the Shades of Magic series yet? It’s on my July TBR and I plan on reading it soon so I can take part in all the hype that seems to be circulating about it!
    I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future … Happy Reading 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. exactly it was so mysterious that you only wanted to keep reading to know what will happen..I read the first two of a darker shade of magic and yet to read the conclusion it is a really good trilogy with a wonderful cast that only problem was that the story is a little slow paced but i would definitely recommend it ….thank you ..happy reading to you too 3<

      Liked by 1 person

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