Characters names I like..



names for me can add up too much to the story, the world building, the character’s culture.

i appreciate authors when they put effort to picking up names, now some of these names i want to name my pet after ( if i have one ) or my kids. these names i just find beautiful okay here we go :

1- Rhaegar 

 a song of ice and fire series……of course a George R.R Martin’s characters would be on this list, Rhaegar of course being one my favourite characters who are dead in the story I’ve always wanted to name a pet (if i ever had one ) after him.


2- Cleiona ( cleo )

falling kingdoms series …. the name is dreamy and majestic in a way and the nickname is for a big personality girl kinda of name for me which i love it.


3- Jaxon Hall 

 the bone season series… i just love names with Xs.


4- Laia 

an ember in the ashes series… i just love how simple it is even the way you pronounce it is light.


5- Rhysand 

a court od thrones and roses series…. aside from his personality and being the ultimate crush for all including me he has a beautiful name.


6- Karou 

daughter of smoke and bone… i just love it.




and that’s my list at the moment i’m sure it will change when i read more 










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