5 Books I liked But Didn’t Review


hello guys

so i want to mention some books i really liked but didn’t post a review on my blog and honestly i can’t think of a reason on why i didn’t

i saw this post days ago and i’ve been meaning to post my won *i really can’t remember who posted it i’m sorry *

i think it’s a fun way to talk about the books i loved without writing detailed review

here we go:

1- Mistborn

5\5 stars 

i mentioned this book few times now but i can’t get over it!!   Unknown                                                          such a good book i’m happy i finally started this trilogy                                                               i’ve heard great things about.                                                                                                  wonderful world building and magic system great characters                                                 and unexpected plot twists.





2- Falling Kingdoms

5\5 stars 

i know i know i’ve talked about this series like ten million times!!        12954620                                        i just love it okay i won’t say anything else








3- The Bone Season

4\5 stars imagesgg

i mentioned how i fell in love with this series in one of my wrap ups but here’s why i love it amazing dystopian plot dystopian  for me are hard to get into after divergent                                                                                         i’m not sure about this genre anymore BUT this series made                                                       me forget about the whole thing and fall in love with it’s dystopian setting   .                                                                        the story it’s self is great although it had me confused at a time but not for long.



4- Everything Everything

5\5 stars 18692431

i’m not a big fan of contemporary i’ve only read two contemporaries in my life but i’m moody when it comes to my reading anyway i’ve heard amazing things about this book nothing negative non plus it was going to be a movie *which i didn’t watch yet* and it got excited to read it and i didn’t regret it it was so adorable i finished it ONE SITTING .




5- The Wrath And The Dawn

4\5 stars 18798983

i’m a sucker for arabian nights retelling and the hate to love troupe and for a good fantasy romance story and renee delivered that all plus an amazing writing and strong female MC and swoon worthy romance the next book wasn’t as good as the first one but it’s really good doulgy and renee is amazing




and now i’m thinking of doing this post again and of writing more reviews 

till next time …xx




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