hi as i mentioned before most of the books i read are recommended to me through book community. through my first days in the community i’ve seen so many books\series that people can not but mention them in their favourites!

even now after a while in the community there are hyped books that people can not but include them in their posts\videos and some of these books i didn’t like that much

some the books mentioned i was disappointed in them others were good but didn’t live up to the hype.

( please not that i don’t mean any disrespect to the authors or the readers who loved these books) 


folklore, fantasy, hate to love romance, non western sitting and beautifulimagesg writing you can’t help but be interested in this book i had high expectations for this it was one of the books where you think you are already in love with it before reading it!! BUT unfortunately it wasn’t THAT interesting i love roshani and her writing but everything else was predictable, cheesy and confusing the MC and the romance was just no!






it aaas one of the first YA books I’ve. i enjoyed images-7it at some parts but overall it wasn’t that interesting the story was kinda boring and confusing i didn’t know why the did what they did!! eventually it was good but i don’t want to continue with the series i just don’t care about this book that much






okay i don’t like contemporaries and when people say that you 412XH9UvpbL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_need to read this book whether you like the genre or not you expect it to be something that will make you devour the book unfortunately that didn’t happen with me with fangirl i DID enjoy it but i don’t see what’s all the hype was about!







another books i enjoyed sometimes a lot but i don’t see Cover_ravenboys_300what’s all the hype was about! the writing style was unique but sometimes it was hard to get into! the characters are great they probably were the only great thing about this series the other things plot\ writing sometimes they were confusing and not that interested!





5- DAYS OF BLOOD AND                STARLIGHT\

DREAMS OF GODS AND                   MONSTERS 

i didn’t enjoy the last two books in the daughter of smoke and bone trilogy the first book was GREAT the writing is beautiful the whole chimaera and angels thing was new and brilliant but the rest of the story felt flat to me and i was disappointed the ending was good but i thought i would love this trilogy more!!





  1. I despised Fangirl. There was literally nothing that I related to in that book and found he characters and the dialogue so annoying! The Daughter of Smoke and bone trilogy is up for debate with me. I liked the first book and struggled so hard to finish book 2. Haven’t touched book 3 yet. I’m afraid 😂


  2. YES! This post is amazing! We have both been recently let down by hyped up books (AKA “Red Queen” and “Eliza and Her Monsters”) and it was the WORST! We almost wish we hadn’t gotten our expectations so high because it was super disappointing to hate a book so many people said they loved or even recommended!

    -Ash & Lo


        1. yes! sometimes, i’m avoiding Tower of dawn reviews right now, when i read the book i don’t want to be influenced by other people’s reviews whether they liked it or not!. sometimes i would read a review or two of a really hyped book and if i’m interested in the synopsis i’ll read the book and see for myself but i won’t read many reviews so i won’t get my expectations that high (or get spoiled )

          how about you?

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          1. I try to do the same thing for books I am really excited about. I did a buddy read recently with Throne of Glass and we both had managed to stay away from all the hype and reviews so we went in with a blank slate and are going to read the rest of the series together the same way 🙂

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  3. I was seriously let down by Fangirl because I was expecting to love it and it turned out to be one of the most boring books I’ve ever read. Whether it was Rainbow Rowell’s writing style or the stereotypical portrayal of an introvert, I didn’t find it worthy of my reading time.

    I’m also not a huge fan of the Raven Cycle either. I thought the general storytelling was decent but I couldn’t really click to any of the characters, especially the overhyped ones like Gansey. Plus, Maggie Stiefvater really annoyed me with her portrayal of Adam’s unilateral deafness because it could have brought some good deaf representation to the series and it didn’t.

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    1. you are right fangirl was boring at times and after reading it i am not at all that interested in reading rainbow rowell’s other books plus her writing wasn’t the best for me!

      yes the raven cycle had somethings that weren’t explained that much specially adam and ronan’s relationship i still don’t understand how they got together!!

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      1. I can tell you that Rainbow Rowell’s other books aren’t worth it, as I tried to read to read them before Fangirl. The only one I liked a little more than the others was Landline but I still found it slow and boring at times. Her writing is not great for me either so I can’t see myself reading any new books she releases.

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  4. No, I love the Raven Cycle and These Broken Stars! XD I still haven’t finished Fangirl, but I probably will love it since I’ve loved the first half that I’ve read! I think the second time around, I enjoyed the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy more than the first time; I don’t really know why, though! I think it was just easier to understand.

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    1. i’m glad you enjoyed them, believe me not loving these books was hard! it really sucks when you don’t enjoy the books you’ve been wanting to read for so long.
      DOSAB world was interesting but i feel she could’ve done so much more with it. i’ll still read her new book though and hopefully i’ll that series more.

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  5. This post makes me see how lazy I am 😅 I have yet to read many of this!
    But I did like Fangirl! Maybe because I relate to the main character a lot and I love contemporary books? 😛
    I do own the Raven Cycle and the daughter of smoke and bone trilogy so I should probably get going with it and finally see if it’s something I am interested in 😅
    Great post!!

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