university and exams are taking over my life! i couldn’t read properly or post on my social media for that matter. i can’t wait for the winter break!

like i said i couldn’t plan my posting schedule properly these past weeks. but thank god for book tags! they are fun and easy to do!

I don’t know who’s the creator of this tag *sorry* and i wasn’t tagged by anyone, so feel free to do this tag!


1- what’s the most beautiful cover on your shelf ?


aren’t they prettyyy



2- if you could bring any fictional character to life who would it be ?

how can i choose, there are so many!

tyrion lannister. so random i know!. well he’s witty and smart and i’d love to meet and chat.




3- if you could interview an author who would you choose ? 

brandon sanderson

sara j.mass

leigh bardogu 

lain taylor 

j.k rowling 



4- what’s a book you would not read again? 

i can’t say really. i mean there are books i didn’t enjoy, but i won’t list them because it might be a long answer!



5- can you name a confusing story ? 


i couldn’t tell what’s the book was about while i was half way through!



6- favorite fictional couple ? 

again how am i supposed to choose!

magnus and cleo. i love who they become around each other.





7- two favorite villains .


the darkling ( of course) from the grisha trilogy ,and AIDAN from illuminae



8- a character you would kill or remove from a book entirely .

the commandant from an ember in the ashes. she’s a freak! who would ever do what she does to human beings and her son!



9- if you could live in a fictional world where would you live? 

HOGWARTS i don’t care how many times people say it or i say it!, i’ll always want to go there.

and the world of throne of glass for a change!



10- what are the biggest and smallest books on your shelf? 

the biggest : 1000+ pages


the smallest : less than 300 pages








  1. I still can’t get over the gorgeousness of Strange the Dreamer. The UK edition is so pretty with the blue and gold and it looks less fussy than the US edition. I also think AIDAN is a fantastic antagonist/villain. He/it made Illuminae and I still love him/it even though I wasn’t the greatest fan of the book – Gemina, on the other hand, was phenomenal and I loved it!

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