so remember, last month when i said how ashamed i was from my wrap up. well in December i exceeded that!

i don’t know how this month got by so fast! the beginning of the month was great i read a really great book. then my finals were about to start and i had to study ( the time where you guys celebrate your holidays we have our finals for the semester ) then i started a not so very interesting book so i couldn’t finish that fast and start another one, lastly i got sick then i became more sick .

that was my December!


name: the song rising (the bone season-3) 28260402

author: samantha shannon

genre: YA dystopian

pages: 384

publishing date: march 7th 2017

publisher : bloomsbury


ever since i bought this book i’ve been holding myself from picking it up! just because i want to read it closely to the publishing date of book 4! but i couldn’t. this series is one of my all time favorites. everything in this series is great and with each book in gets better  and better. the song rising was shorter than the previous two but it didn’t make it any less great. it was action packed, heartbreak, new character aspects and everything!





name: graceling ( graceling-1)3236307

author: kristin kashore

genre: YA fantasy

pages: 471

publishing date: October 1st 2008

publisher: harcourt

2 copy

i didn’t enjoy this book as i hoped i would. it was definitely a fast paced story which was good. but the characters and the world fell flat for me. it felt like the author wanted to give a message about how strong women can be which is great but then she only focused about the MC being tough and having beautiful prince who respects that and that’s it. the plot, the world building and the characters weren’t that good at all. it could’ve been better but it wasn’t. this trilogy i believe is a companion stories. i read other stand alone books that were far more interesting.








6 thoughts on “DECEMBER WRAP UP

    1. i used to keep putting it off too (there’s something about that book!!). even though i didn’t enjoy it that much it was fast read for me. hopefully you’ll enjoy it and fly right through it when you do.

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