i hope you’re all doing well! i’ve been really bad at keeping up with my posting schedule due to college and sickness. but i’m back now!!

i received an e-ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review.

 this was the first book i completed this month. yes, it’s half the month already and i’ve only read one book!!

name: Happily  38363145

author: chauncey rogers

genre: YA (MG-friendly) Fantasy/Fairy-Tale Retelling

pages: 299

publishing date:  April 3, 2018


goodreads ,  amazon


synopsis : 


If the shoe fits, wear it.

If it doesn’t, make it.

Laure is a teenage street urchin just trying to get away. Where the rest of the world sees an enchanting love story, Laure sees royal incompetence and an opportunity to exploit it. She’ll have wealth and a way out of a life she detests, if she can only manage to pay off a would-be cloth merchant, outrun the angry bandits, hoodwink the royal family, and survive to tell the tale.



i was lucky enough to receive an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

this book is a retelling of cinderella. retellings are my favorites! so i was really excited when i received the arc.

the plot was fast paced and well constructed. it wasn’t very complicated or anything. this book is definitely that of a fast paced easy to read type of book. i was reminded of reading percy jackson for the first time. while reading this book through the protagonist’s perspective it definitely reminded me of the percy Jackson books. here’s why, laure ( the MC) is grumpy and realistic while reading the book she kept describing somethings in a funny way or how she would react to certain things.

laure the main character was really good! i mean it’s not like i’m poor but everything is flowery and sunshine-y! she’s tough and grumpy and realistic! sometimes she was relatable even!


“You’re awake,” he said as he drew close.

“Where’d you go?” I said, ignoring his comment. I mean, obviously I was awake. Why do people even say things like that? Do they really enjoy the sound of their own voices that much?

i’m not that grumpy. but i always say this! still puzzles me why people say what is obvious!!

some of the other side characters were good as well they were that kind of characters that you knew in real life, maybe! while others weren’t that great and fell flat to me.

the ending was great i was smiling through it all! it wasn’t what i expected and i wasn’t mad at all about it! it was just adorable and i had all the whimsical feels!!

i had a problem with this book though. there wasn’t so much description where i felt it was needed. i wanted to know how some characters physically looked, or more about they’re past and the world building. it left me feeling disconnected and bored at some points.

all in all it was a good, fun, fast paced fantasy retelling. a book you would fly through and read as a break from heavy loaded books.



2 copy







“Basically, there was a ball last night, and the prince fell in love with one of the girls there.”



“Laure, they don’t complain because they’re too busy doing something about their problems.”



“Besides, when you send goodness out, goodness might just come back to you,” he added,



“Well, I guess you never can tell. People are people, and I don’t think it should matter so much where they’re from.”



“If this was the end, I wanted to meet it with strength.”



“Somehow, the world was still the same and yet differ- ent. There was an energy and a life in everything that I’d missed before. I guess that this was what it felt like to be happy, content, and hopeful all at once.”




if you are interested in receiving e-copy to read it and review it before 26th of march you can contact the author through his website : chauncey rogers


do you like retellings ? what’s your favorite ? 




11 thoughts on “E-ARC REVIEW: HAPPILY

  1. This book sounds amazing! I’m definitely going to check it out — it’s already on my TBR list. Fairytale retellings are one of my favorite types of books, and since I also love sci-fi, my favorite retelling series so far is definitely Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles. I’m always looking for new stories, so I’m super glad I came across this post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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