I’m stressing out because it’s past half of the year and there are so many releases I need to catch up too! on the bright side though, it means some of my anticipated releases are getting closer.


name: Gemina ( the illuminae files-2) 29236299

authors: Jay kristof, Amie kaufman 

genre: YA sci-fi 

pages: 659 

publishing date: October 18th 2016

publisher: alfred k.nopf

I have a full review of this book. AN ACTION PACKED GEMINA. coming to think of it, I had a good reading month. I did enjoy all the books I’ve read.




name: stalking jack the ripper-1 28962906

author: Kerri Maniscalco 

genre: YA historical fiction 

pages: 326 

publishing date: september 20th 2016 

publisher: Jimmy Patterson 

I reviewed this book as well. STALKING JACK THE RIPPER ANOTHER HYPED BOOK I enjoyed this book. sure it wasn’t as great as I hoped but it was enjoyable. the world and the writing were my favorite things. I’ll read the sequel hopefully soon enough. the first book made me anticipate more of the characters.




name: Golden son ( Red Rising-2) 18966819

author: Pierce Brown 

genre: sci-fi 

pages: 430

publishing date: january 6th 2015

publisher: del rey 2




I have a review of this one as well. THE GLORY OF GOLDEN SON( three reviews in one month, I’m on fire!!) this book was too much and I loved every minute of reading it. it was action packed, full of twists, and the characters are to die for!



8 thoughts on “JUNE WRAP UP

  1. I’m so glad you loved Gemina! I’m about to start reading it after LOVING Illuminae so it’s great to see a positive review. I’m always afraid of the second book in a series not living up to the first. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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