I know the worst committed blogger award should go to me! well, what can I say, I’ve been struggling to get back to my regular reading and blogging routine, but with college starting and being addicted to a new TV show it’s kind of hard staying focused!

anyway, I saw this tag at victorious pages blog and decided to do it. since it’s fairly easy and fun!

1- RECENTLY WATCHED: the last book I’ve finished reading 


to kill a kingdom. can you believe that the month of September is almost over and I’ve only finished ONE book!!! I need to get it together! anyway, to kill a kingdom was a good, light hearted read. here’s my review of it: TO KILL A KINGDOM



2- TOP PICKS:  a book that has been recommended to you based on books you’ve previously read.


after reading the mortal instruments and the infernal devices, people have recommended to me that I continue with the shadow hunters books and start reading the dark artifices. I loved the infernal devices, not so much the mortal instruments so I’m a little hesitant to continue reading the books in this world. but there’s something tugging at me to read the dark artifices, and I know it’s a matter of time before I oblige.



3- RECENTLY ADDED: the last book I’ve bought.


I think it’s this one. this edition was so pretty not to pick up!



4: POPULAR ON NETFLIX: books everyone knows about (2 I’ve read, 2 I haven’t read or have no interest in reading) 

throne of glass and the vampire academy are one of the most famous series in YA! ( among others of course) when I first started reading YA I couldn’t escape them! both the series are great. even though I now have some issues with some characters in throne of glass series, it is still a great series that will always have a place in my heart.

the darkest minds and shatter me trilogies are one of the series I plan on starting very soon hopefully. I think all of you must’ve heard about them by now!



5- COMEDIES:  a funny book 


this book was a fun, light hearted book that truly made me laugh!



6- DRAMAS: a character who’s a drama queen\king 


Celaena from Throne of glass. I thought of this thanks to ms. victorious. I have mixed feelings towards this character. yes, there are some qualities I like and admire about her and some not so much, but there’s one thing I’m sure about which is that she is a drama queen!! not that I don’t mind some drama in the series, but sometimes it can overbearing. there are a lot of drama queens\kings but not all of them can be bad….



7- ANIMITAED: a book with cartoons on the cover. 





8- WATCH IT AGAIN: a book or a series that you want to re-read. 


I’m thinking of re-reading the throne of glass series before the final book comes out. but I mentioned this series quite enough. I also want to re-read the winner’s curse trilogy, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for all the angst!!



9- DOCUMENTRIES ; a non-fiction you’d recommend to anyone. 

I’ll skip this one since most of the non-fiction I’ve read are in Arabic and I’m not sure if there’s a translation for them!



10- ACTION AND ADVENTURE : an action packed series 


I mean I had to mention this trilogy somehow! the action in this is PACKED! honestly, my head hurt with the intensity of it all!!



11- NEW RELEASE:  a book that came out or will be coming out that you can’t wait to read.

there are so many! I want to read a dance of thieves, kingdom of ash, city of ghosts, fire and blood, iron gold, my plain jane, and girls of paper and fire! 





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