I finally, FINALLY read this book!! It took me forever to finish it! It was good. A very good conclusion to a series I love that I’m glad it has come to an end.

name: throne of glass- 7

Author: Sara J.mass

Genre: YA fantasy

Pages: 984

Publication date: 23 October 2018

Publisher: bloomsbury

Spoiler Free

So, I’ve finally finished this book. It took me forever to finish it! I think partly because of the size of it, and partly because I was afraid of the ending!!

Anyway, I’m glad I finally finished reading the conclusion of this series. It was great.

The characters were amazing! All of them. I was annoyed of Aelin in the previous two books, and I didn’t really care about Rowan and their relationship in empire of storms. But I loved them both in this book!! And I’m so glad I did. I didn’t want to finish the series hating anyone of the main characters. Appreciated how some of the side characters had a major role in the book. How it wasn’t all about Aelin saving the day, but about all the strong women doing their best. I loved the character development of all the characters especially, Dorian. He deserved to have a closure about everything that happened to him. I loved the relationship between Fenrys and Aelin. It was so beautiful! 😭 fenrys deserves the best! The heartache was unreal. I wanted to give all the characters a group hug after the ending!

The romantic relationships in this book, the brotherly relationship, and all the relationships were too beautiful for my little heart! 😭😭❤️❤️

I was worried how this book will deal with so many characters, but it was done smoothly. I couldn’t believe how everything changed, how everyone changed from the first book to this.

The action scenes, the wars, they were well written. I can see a big improvement of the way Mass wrote all the battling scenes in this book compared to Acowar which was appropriated.

Although, some of the planning were a bit unnecessary. I found the book to a bit too long at some points. And there was something missing I don’t know what it is, but it wasn’t there.

All in all it was a great conclusion of a favorite series.

I wouldn’t mind a novella about Manon, Elide and Lorcan though 🌚



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