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I’ve FINALLY finished my final exams!! this semester unbelievable! sure, great things happened. but there were so many projects, I’m glad I get to finally relax and read all day without feeling guilty!

the being said, I’ve only read one book this month 😉


name: dance of thieves-1 35796008

author: Mary E.Pearson

genre: YA fantasy 

pages: 508

publication date: 7 August 2018

publisher: Henry Holt and co






this book was absolutely amazing! it was slow paced a bit, but the characters and the world building were absolutely incredible that I didn’t mind it at all!. I loved the romance in this book. it was the type of romance that I want to see in every book I read. the main characters were realistic and raw. the character development was well established. the story had excited twists and turns. overall it was really nice being back in the remnant chronicles world. I loved the first trilogy and I wasn’t at all disappointed by this book. I can’t wait for the sequel!!





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