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how was August?! did you enjoy the books you read? are you ready for fall?

I’m certainly not ready for the summer to end! and for school to start! I feel both dread and excitement since it’s my final year as a college student.

anyway, I had fun reading the books I read. I thought I read more than I did somehow, but four books isn’t bad!


name: renegades-251RtA6Sg8aL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_

author: Marissa Meyer

genre: YA dystopian

pages: 560

publishing date: November 6th 2018 


I preferred the first book over this. and the main reason for that is that this book lacked tension. I feel like every moment the book had a chance to build up a scene and add a lot of cool action backed scenes it failed to deliver that. and since this is a superhero-villain book the lack of tension was disappointing. the tension would build up in a scene then it would die just as quickly. there were a lot of times there had an opportunity to have more action scenes, unfortunately the book didn’t deliver.





name: strange the dreamer-225372038._SY540_

author: Laini Taylor

genre: YA fantasy 

pages: 522

publishing date: October 2nd 2018 


I liked this book. I enjoyed the new characters and the history, the plot twist and the redemption of some characters. I can’t say much about this doulgy other than that I love it and recommend it. the only reason why it wasn’t a five star read for me is because the ending had something that made me feel meh about. I don’t know exactly what is, but there is something that felt meh to me.





name: arc of scythe-128954189

author: Neil Schusterman

genre: YA dystopian 

pages: 435

publication date: November 22nd 2016 


another book I enjoyed. I loved the writing and the world. the premise of the story is intriguing and unique. the plot had twists and turns that only make me wonder what could be in store in the next two books. my only complain is the characters, especially the two main ones and the romance between them. it just felt flat for me. I couldn’t at all see how they loved each other! the characters seemed to me that they had more depth or the promise of it at the beginning, but as the story goes the promise seemed hollow.





name: Sorcery of thorns img_2641

author: Margaret Rogerson 

genre: YA fantasy 

pages: 456

publication date: June 4th 2019 


I LOVED This book! this one will definitely be on my list for the best books I’ve this year. the world building was really good. what? books can turn into monsters!! YES! count me in! the books can even talk and have character and personality! the main character is great but my love goes to mr. Thorn! ( a fine gentleman he is ). the pace was good. it had some funny moments in it and was a light read ( I wish it was a trilogy! ). I debated whether to give it five stars or not, it definitely is a 4.5 for me. and the reason is because I found myself losing thinking of other things at rare times. it had some moments where the story failed to be gripping.






10 thoughts on “AUGUST WRAP UP

  1. Lovey wrap up! ❤ I felt the same about Archenemies. I'm really hoping that the final book ends on a high note. I'm sorry that you weren't blown away by Scythe! The romance between Citra and Rowan definitely could've been a bit more fleshed out, but it does take some better turns in the sequel, Thunderhead. Wishing you the happiest of Septembers! ❤

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