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We Free Folk have our stories, too. About how one of your King Crows found something… cold in the woods, with bright blue eyes. How he brought her home through your Wall and declared himself “Night’s King.”―Ygritte

it’s been sometime now since my latest art post, so here is one now!

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hiii you intelligent badass!

this painting was random! i didn’t intend to paint it (fact about me it takes me so long to paint b\c i want to practice this particular thing i’m painting in my head first) but here it is!

i confess painting things inspired by books and fantasy is so much fun!

i don’t think i need to say that this is harry potter’s patronus. will in case you haven’t figured out by now it is.

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O’ mother O’ child


i wanted to draw a statue and what a better option than african statues to draw

i was half way through it when i realised it was mother and son

i had fun drawing this  used charcoal colours and black canvas                                                  i don’t know what to say more except that i have a special place in my heart for this here is the photo i took inspiration from

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I was inspired



so a quick introduction about my art :

a-i’m not an artist i did not study art my major in college isn’t art although i really want to learn and study art maybe take some courses.

b-i used to draw a lot when i was young then for no clear reason i stopped drawing maybe about a year or more but here i am drawing again and painting and i forget how damn good it feels.

wow was that quick ?!! anyway

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