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I know I say this almost with every wrap-up, but I can’t believe 2018 is about to end!! 2019 seemed too far a couple months ago!

at the start of the month I binged watched one piece the anime. it was only at the half of the month that I started reading. and I read 4 books which was good.

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june wrap up and july TBR


hii guys                                                                                                                                                  how was your reading in june ? i read some pretty good books in june i started new series i fell in love with new series i was disappointed by some and i finished a series              i can’t wait to post more often (i have few things in mind ) after EID madness

what i read :

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May wrap up and June TBR


( the small chair and books are done by my sister ig: @muniras.art )


finally may is about to end i don’t have anything against this month well except exams i don’t know if you know this or not but i’m muslim which means this time a year is Ramadan when we fast for 30 days this month is very peaceful to us and very important .

i did not read a lot in may which i hope to recover in june

  • what i read 
  • info about the book 
  • my rating 
  • non-spoilers thoughts 
  • TBR 

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April wrap up and May TBR



so this month wasn’t that great i was stressed at college and i had a little bit of a reading slump but i read some of my highly anticipated TBR

i was surprised by some books i read wither it didn’t live up to my expectations or it was as i hoped it would be and more

  • what i read 
  • info about the book
  • my rating 
  • non spoilers thoughts 
  • tbr

what i read :

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