hate to love ships!!


hello book fellows

so hate to love ships was a topic for top 5 Wednesday for last month and of course it was did and i missed it ever since it’s been on my mind, so i decided to choose my favourite hate to love ships wether it was 5 or not!

hate to love romances are my favourite just because i feel they get to know the worst in each other before they accept the best and i’m die hard fan of that beauty and the beast love story!!


1- Beauty and the Beast 

i mean it wouldn’t be fair not to include them right! beside their love story is one of my favourite in disney


2- Khalid and Schazi 

from the wrath and the dawn doulogy … their romance is just perfect and heartbreaking good


3- Rhysnad and Feyre 

from a court of thorns and roses series ….the way their relationship developed through out feyre’s journey is hear warming


4- The darkling and Alina 

from the grisha trilogy …….. the darkling is my favourite villain in YA and his relationship  with Alina is complicated in many ways but they understand each other in a way ( although they didn’t end up together )


5- Magnus and Cleo 

from falling kingdom series….. i only finished the third book this month and i was spoiled about them but i don’t care they are my new favourite thing ever!


6- The Warden and Paige 

from the bone season series …. if you haven’t read my wrap up for june this series became one of my all time favourite and the cast of characters are adorable plus the Warden is a cinnamon roll!!



that’s it tell me your favourite hate to love ships and what you think of this troupe 




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