i’m planning on doing couple of book tags this week and this book tag seems to be one of them

i wasn’t tagged by anyone and i won’t tag anyone either if you want to do it feel free to ( you should it’s a fun tag!!)

the creator of this tag is the bookish underdog go check her out

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finally i’ve started the infernal devices trilogy!! i’ve been wanting to read this since forever but i was reading the mortal instruments books and i wanted to read cassandra’s books in order

there were a lot of suggestions on the order of reading the shadow hunters chronicles i however didn’t read them in publication order but i won’t read city of heavenly fire until i finish the TID  trilogy

i really enjoyed this book but there were somethings i didn’t like but it’s only the first book so there will be developments (hopefully)

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T5W: Character’s Fitness Routine I Want


hi guys

*top 5 Wednesday is weekly bookish memes hosted by sam and lainey, goodreads group :T5W GROUP*

today’s T5W topic is about fitness routines you would like to do, now in this list some of the routines are physical and some are mental but most importantly these characters i would like to try their routine so i can have their ability

here we go:

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Fictional Places I Would Like to Live in


hello guys

one of the many things i like in reading fantasy is the magical world the story in built in

you just can’t ignore the fact that some of the fictional worlds you’ve read about captivated you and you just wish that they were true of course we all have these places we want to visit wether from childhood or adulthood

my favourite genre is fantasy and there’s a lot of places i wish were true some of them YA fantasy some adult fantasy some of them aren’t that pleasant but i’m curious to see

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T5W : Second Book Is Best


hello guys

so for this week’s topic i will list my favourite second book in a series now it doesn’t mean that i didn’t like the books after the second one but rather than the second book is what kept me going or i prefer the second book more

for me i like to give the second book a try if i didn’t like the first one because sometimes the series only gets better after the first book

goodreads group : TOP 5 WEDNESDAY

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The Name Of The Wind…… Review


hello guys how are you feeling

so at last i read the name of the wind book 1 in the kingkiller chronicles

i’m sure you all know the hype about this book you can’t avoid it if you like fantasy. i did enjoy it but i expected more from it. in this review i’ll do my best to explain my thoughts about this book.

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5 Books I liked But Didn’t Review


hello guys

so i want to mention some books i really liked but didn’t post a review on my blog and honestly i can’t think of a reason on why i didn’t

i saw this post days ago and i’ve been meaning to post my won *i really can’t remember who posted it i’m sorry *

i think it’s a fun way to talk about the books i loved without writing detailed review

here we go:

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