i’ve been meaning to post a discussion post for some time now.

what got me to talk about this topic is that i commented sometime ago about a character being a pain in the arse! *aghmm cealena from tog* even though that series is one of my favorites, but did that make me a hypocrite ? for saying how much i hated said thing from a favorite series of mine, and saying how much i love that series sometime later?!


answering the question of this post, YES, it is very important to rant about your favorite series!

i understand we don’t like to identify the problematic aspects of our favorite books. but we should identify the problematic aspects of our favorite books, because they are our favorite books!

think about it, nobody would actually take the time out of their day and rant about a book unless they had a certain expectations from it and it was so hyped about.

because it’s your favorite series or written by one of your favorite authors you won’t just trash talk it without a well thought reasons.

” the previous book was more well constructed, this one isn’t. but the series isn’t that bad or the author isn’t one who can’t write a good story..etc “

you love the series\author so when somethings are amiss or the series is taking a turn down the ” problematic things in books” road ranting about these things is exactly what you should do! you know these books more than those who don’t like\know the series so ranting about them is kinda your duty\right! you need to get it out there!

think about it this way, if someone you love is doing something problematic shouldn’t you be the one who first talks to them about it!  same with books. when you rant about a series you love, you write about the things that disappointed you, or about what the book should have been!



discuss things with me:

do you agree? why.  

are there any recent rants you posted about your favorite books? 





  1. Haha, there are so many books that I enjoyed or found to be completely addictive, but in many ways were problematic. For me, the perfect example is The Selection. I could NOT put those books down, but I absolutely hate that the entire story is premised on pitting females against each other over a man (even though he’s a darling and smokin’ hot).

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    1. yes, i completely agree! though i haven’t read the selection but I’ve heard as such. as long as you recognize these problematic aspects and you’re okay talking about them, i think it’s okay!

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  2. I completely agree with you, I also love the tog series but hate Rowan Whitethorn and will happily rant about him all day. I also love the ACOTAR series but hate the way one of the characters sexuality was treated 💜

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    1. thanks! i completely agree with you! i wasn’t a fan of rowan in HOF at all. in QOS he kind grew on me, but in EOS i didn’t care about him at all! and i wouldn’t care if he died or not!
      YES! you can tell that it was completely forced and didn’t make any sense! it was one of the reason that bugged me in ACOWAR.

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