i can’t believe it’s may already!! where did the time go?! it was january like yesterday! i really need to get out of this ridiculous reading slump if i plan on reaching my goodreads goal.

i decided to reread old favorites of mine when i realized there wasn’t much progress at the beginning of the month. so i reread the lunar chronicles! yaaay i didn’t read cinder though, because it was my least favorite and it really was slow paced book!


name: scarlet ( the lunar chronicles -2) 9780312642969_FC

author: marissa meyer 

gener : YA sci-fi dystopian 

pages: 454

publishing date: february 4th 2013


scarlet and wolf are my favorite from this series! honestly they’re all my favorite but scarlet and wolf are favorite favorite! the protagonist is fierce, we get more world- building and action, and we get THORNE !.  it was slow paced at the first that’s why it’s 4 stars for me.




name: cress ( the lunar chronicles -3) 13206828 

author: marissa meyer 

gener : YA sci-fi dystopian 

pages: 554

publishing date: february 4th 2014


even more action and more characters introduced. there were some chapters that were slow paced and i definitely wanted to get to the chapters with more action, but i understand that they were to build the tension. plus, they weren’t that boring at all!




name: winter  ( the lunar chronicles -4) 13206900

author: marissa meyer 

gener : YA sci-fi dystopian 

pages: 827

publishing date: February 10th 2015


ahh this book was ACTION packed!! winter is adorable so is jacin! more characters and facts. the ending was perfect for this series. i liked how we got more world building of luna and it’s history . not much else to say except that i enjoyed these books so very much!!





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