T5W: SFF books on my TBR



for this week T5W topic is most anticipated sci-fi fantasy books on my to be read list

ohh god i have so many books i want to read on my TBR

here is my list :

1- the king killer chronicles : name of the wind 

the name of the wind is a fantasy book by patrick rothfuss i heard nothing but amazing imagesthings about this series literally nothing i believe it’s about a boy who learns about magic in the first book that’s all i know but this book is already high on my tbr







2- the mistborn trilogy : the final empire

by brandon sandreson, on of the most famous things about brandon is his magic system Unknownand people usually tend to fall in love with the author and they start reading all his books after finishing one of his books , this series i heard some of my favourite book tubers talk about non stop and i’m sold on reading this series.






3- the illuminae files: illuminae 

by jay kristof and amy kufman this is a sic-fi YA novel honestly i do not know what to say9781780748375_10 except that every sing one in the book community knows about this book right know one of the many things that got me excited about this book is the format of it ( i know you heard or seen it thousand time ) but truly it is unique .







4- the star touched queen 

by roshani chokcshi this is a fantasy YA retelling and i love retelling and i heard amazing imagesgthings about it AND this is a debut novel AND it won the goodreads awards best debut so it is on my top tbr books








5- the bone season 

by Samantha shannon this is dystopian fantasy novel that i heard a really good things imagesggabout it and i believe it is a kinda of retelling of beauty and the beast and i want to read it








till next time ….xoxo


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