The couples book tag …(original)




so i’ve wanted to create a tag for a while now and i hope that this tag is not already out there i looked and i did not find something like it

i like romance specially when it’s not the main thing in the book or series like fantasy \ romance with political intrigue or anything but not romance alone i want some action in the book !!

so here is me thinking about questions for this tag and here are the questions :

1-A couple who are fit to role in the real world :

hmm so this one i have two in mind feyre and Rhys ( a court of mist and fury ) or khalid and shazi ( the wrath and the dawn )

i think i’ll go with khalid and shazi because ferye did not show much potential for NOW even though khalid struggled to gain his people love he has good intentions and shazi is smart and knows what to say

so i think in our world where there is no magic to show is that khalid in a monster but there is media hmm anyhow i think they are great to role

2-A couple who are likely to have too many couple therapy sessions : 

inej and kaz (six of crows)

kaz cares for inej greatly but he is still can not show his emotions properly without having the past getting in his way so maybe not couple therapy but a therapy for kaz

3-A couple who’s love story made your heart shatter :

Arin and kestrel from the winner’s trilogy

nina and mathias six of crow doulogy

4-A couple who’s love story made you smile :

olly and maddy ( everything everything )

5-A couple where you shipped the main protagonist with a friend more than the love interest :

alina and nikolai or the darkling but not with mal for that matter  (the grisha trilogy)         their romance was not the best in the series i know a lot of people talked about this but i had to mention it

6-A  love trope that you are NOT tired of :

hate to love relationships i can not and will not get tired of

7-A love trope YOU ARE tired of :

insta love and –oh i can’t do anything i’m so helpless and weak come and save me– thing i don’t know if there is a name for this or not but i can’t stand it in a love relationship don’t get me wrong i don’t love the –know it all –and i don’t need your help –thingy too

but you gotta balance between these things i have to see the development in the characters and the trust to help each other and to be confident in their abilities

8-A sidekick couple that were more interested than the main couple

all the couples in empire of storms EXCEPT the main couple

9-an underrated parents romance :

mr.grey and maura from the raven cycle  i haven’t finished the series yet but i’m loving them together so much

10-A favourite series with your favourite ships :

sara j.mass books

that’s all i’m gonna say

that is for this i hoped you enjoyed if you do this tag don’t forget to tag me i would love to see your answers

i tag :

mortal reader

head in her books

bookish things and tea

little book nook

teacher of YA

flawless books

a fan girls opinion

war lock gray book

and everyone who’s interested

till next time …..xoxo


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